Text Analysis and data mining in Bioinformatics

  • Dragana Miljkovic, Vid Podpecan, Tjasa Stare, Igor Mozetic, Kristina Gruden, Nada Lavrac: Incremental revision of biological networks from texts. 1-9 [PDF]
  • Jose Carlos Santos, Sergio Matos: Predicting Flu Incidence from Portuguese Tweets. 11-18 [PDF]

Next Generation Sequencing (I)

  • Miri Michaeli, Michal Barak, Lena Hazanov, Hila Noga, Ramit Mehr: High-throughput sequencing of immunoglobulin genes: Life without a template. 19-26 [PDF]
  • Alberto Gatto, Fatima Sanchez Cabo, Carlos Torroja Fungairino, Enrique Lara Pezzi: Unbiased comparison of alignment tools for splice junction detection from RNA-Seq data. 27 [PDF]
  • Chih-Min Chiu, Feng-Mao Lin, Tzu-Hao Chang, Wei-Chih Huang, Chao Liang, Wei-Yun Wu, Tzu-Ling Yang, Shun-Long Weng, Hsien-Da Huang: Clinical detection of human probiotics and human pathogenic bacteria by using a novel high-throughput platform based on next generation sequencing. 29-40 [PDF]

Microarray Data for Disease Analysis

  • Anna Cichonska, Roman Jaksik, Joanna Polanska, Wieslawa Widlak: Comparative analysis of the annotation systems of Mus musculus high density expression microarray . 41-48 [PDF]
  • Haoyang Cai, Nitin Kumar, Homayoun C. Bagheri, Christian von Mering, Mark D. Robinson, Michael Baudis: Chromothripsis-like patterns are recurring, but heterogeneously distributed features in cancer: A survey of 22,347 genomic copy number profiles. 49 [PDF]
  • Isabel A. Nepomuceno-Chamorro, Jesus S. Aguilar-Ruiz: Synergies of genes in Alzheimer's disease. 51-53 [PDF]
  • Rafael Marcos Luque Baena, Daniel Urda, Jose Luis Subirats, Leonardo Franco, Jose M. Jerez: Analysis of Cancer Microarray Data using Constructive Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms. 55-63 [PDF]

SNPs, Polymorphisms and Mutations

  • Licht Toyo-Oka, Teruhiko Toyo-Oka, Manfred Richter, Toshiaki Nakajima, Toru Izumi, Shun-Ei Kyo, Minoru Ono, Sawa Kostin, Jutta Schaper, Katsushi Tokunaga: A Proposal of BGWAS (Bigenome-Wide Association Study)-Combined analysis of nuclear GWAS and mitochondrial haplogroup for metabolic syndrome and heart failure-. 65-67 [PDF]
  • Aliyu Kabir Musa, Ekrem Varoglu, Bahar Taneri: NTreceptorDB: a Database of Polymorphisms and Disease-Gene Associations in Behavioral Disorders . 69-77 [PDF]
  • Joanna Zyla, Joanna Polanska, Paul Finnon, Robert Bulman, Simon Bouffler, Christophe Badie: Seeking for Genetic Signature of Radiosensitivity - Methods for Data Analysis. 79-86 [PDF]
  • Marco Cammisa, Antonella Correra, Giuseppina Andreotti, Maria Vittoria Cubellis: Frequent pathological human mutations: a survey. 87-88 [PDF]
  • Michael Sadovsky, Eugene Mirkes: New Structure in Genomes Manifests in Triplet Distribution Alongside a Sequence. 89-97 [PDF]

Multidisciplinary Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering (Poster Session)

  • Lorenzo Putzu, Cecilia Di Ruberto: White Blood Cells Identication and Classication from Leukemic Blood Image. 99-106 [PDF]
  • Carolina Ortiz, Jose J. Castro, Aixa Alarcon, Margarita Soler, Rosario G. Anera: Quantification and monitoring of visual disturbances for patients with cataracts using Halo v1.0 software. 107-114 [PDF]
  • Jose J. Castro, Carolina Ortiz, Antonio M. Pozo, Rosario G. Anera: A Visual Test Based on a Freeware Software for Quantifying and Displaying Night-Vision Disturbances: Study in Subjects after Alcohol Consumption. 115-122 [PDF]
  • Sarla Naglot, Dr.Krishna Dalal, Dr.Praveen Aggarwal, Dr.Rima Dada, Dr.Sharmishtha Dey: Serum YKL-40: A possible biomarker in bronchial asthma?. 123-124 [PDF]
  • Guillermo Barturen, Jose L. Oliver, Michael Hackenberg: Best practices for SNV and methylation calling from bisulfite sequencing data. 125 [PDF]
  • Darrell Conklin, Iratxe Montes, Aitor Albaina, Andone Estonba: Improved conversion rates for SNP genotyping of nonmodel organisms. 127-134 [PDF]
  • Ayoze Marrero, Juan Mendez, Jose Reboso, Ana Leon: Fuzzy logic for physiological modeling: application to the anesthetic process. 135-137 [PDF]
  • Ha-Ju So, Ki-Young Kwak, Seong-Hyun Kim, Dong-Wook Kim: Human physiological response to intensity of somatosensory stimulation Applied to the ankle tendon. 139-146 [PDF]
  • Alexandre Balbinot, Guilherme Corseti, Amanda Balbinot: Adaptive and Linear Energy Based Detector for a Virtual Mouse Control. 147-154 [PDF]
  • Guillermin Aguero-Chapin, Aminael Sanchez-Rodriguez, Pedro I. Hidalgo-Yanes, Yunierkis Perez-Castillo, Reinaldo Molina-Ruiz, Kathleen Marchal, Vitor Vasconcelos, Agostinho Antunes: An alignment-free approach for eukaryotic ITS2 annotation and phylogenetic inference. 155-156 [PDF]
  • Shrikant Pawar: Determining the impact of Vitamin E & Selenium supplementation on gene expression in the brains of mice infected with T. gondii. 157-159 [PDF]
  • Firdous Khan, Dr Ashley Pretorius: Identification of MiRNAs as specific biomarkers in prostate cancer diagnostics : A combined in silico and molecular approach. 161 [PDF]
  • Antonio R Hidalgo-Munoz, Miriam Lopez, Ana Maria Tome, Ana Teresa Pereira, Isabel M Santos: Approach on affective valence detection from EEG signals based on global field power measure and SVM-RFE algorithm. 163-170 [PDF]
  • Chao Li, Xue-Hong Wang, Li Zheng, Ji-Feng Huang: Subcellular Localization Algorithm Based On Fluorescence Microscopy Images. 171-177 [PDF]
  • Jayasimha Rayalu Daddam, Muralidhara Rao Dowlathabad, Subba Rao Dakinedi: Phytochemical screening and insilico approach for identification of anti stress activity of compounds from medicinal plants. 179-180 [PDF]
  • Chandrabose Selvaraj, Sanjeev Kumar Singh: The molecular level energy calculation and Molecular dynamics studies on structurally similar HTLV and HIV protease enzymes using HIV-PR inhibitors . 181-182 [PDF]
  • Adam Webb, Anthony Brookes: G2P Knowledge Centre: An integrated genotype-phenotype data access portal and online collaborative network. 183 [PDF]
  • Ouafae Kaissi, Ahmed Moussa, Brigitte Vannier, Abdellatif Amrani Ghacham: Choice Impact of Soft Analysis Tools in Genes Selection. 185-191 [PDF]
  • Edgar D. Coelho, Joel P. Arrais, Sergio Matos, Nuno Rosa, Maria Jose Correia, Marlene Barros, Jose Luis Oliveira: Computational Approach to Predict Inter-Species Oral Protein-Protein Interactions. 193-194 [PDF]
  • Balamurugan Sanjeevirayar, Ajay M P: Cloud Care: A Remote Health Monitoring System. 195-204 [PDF]
  • Olga Valenzuela, Francisco M. Ortuno, Fernando Rojas, Hector Pomares, Jose Luis Bernier, Luis Javier Herrera, Alberto Guillen: Using intelligent system for medical decision-making to magnetic resonance imaging. 205-214 [PDF]
  • Romulo Sehnen, Alexandre Balbinot, Amanda Balbinot: Portable system for force measurement of long-term monitoring during human gait. 215-222 [PDF]
  • Georg Basler, Abdelhalim Larhlimi, Sergio Grimbs, Zoran Nikoloski: Computational metabolic engineering of Arabidopsis thaliana for increased biomass production. 223 [PDF]
  • Elena Stavrovskaya, Andrey Mironov, Alexander Favorov: Fast assessment of the correlation between coverage-like genomic features and its statistical significance. 225-232 [PDF]
  • Luis Maggi, Guillermo Cortela, Marco Antonio von Kruger, Carlos Negreira, Wagner Coelho De Albuquerque Pereira: Ultrasonic Attenuation and Speed in phantoms made of PVCP and Evaluation of acoustic and thermal properties of ultrasonic phantoms made of polyvinyl chloride-plastisol (PVCP). 233-241 [PDF]
  • Aldo Pereira, Paulo Rosa, Daniel Matusin, Marco von Kruger, Alberto Schanaider, Wagner Pereira: Use of Ultrasonic Parameters as Adjuvant Tool of Diagnosis and Monitoring of Bone Lesions. 243-250 [PDF]
  • Sharmin Nilufar, Theodore J. Perkins, Anne Morrow, Jonathan Lee: Automatic Detection of Filopodia from Fluorescence Microscopy Images. 251-252 [PDF]
  • Francisco Javier Lopez Domingo, Antonio Rueda Martin, Javier P. Florido, Alicia Vela Boza, Pablo Arce Garcia, Luis Miguel Cruz Renedo, Javier Escalante, Ana Isabel Lopez Perez, Federica Trombetta, Guillermo Antinolo, Javier Santoyo Lopez: Whole exome sequencing analysis pipeline for the discovery of mutations causative of human rare diseases. 253-254 [PDF]
  • Walter Riofrio: Towards Modelling the Processes of a Minimal Protocell. 255-256 [PDF]
  • Najaf Allahyari Fard, Zarrin Minuchehr, Amir Mousavi: Comparison of Allergen Databases for In Silico Allergenicity Assessment. 257 [PDF]
  • Antonio Pinti, Racha Doya, Bruno Lenne, Eric Watelain, Hechmi Toumi, Cyril Garnier: Therapeutic gymnastic: Effects on the quality of life at two months in postpartum period. 259-261 [PDF]
  • Jose Luis Trillo Mata, Pablo Mendez, Mireia Candel Molina, Patricia Alargada Lopez, Mercedes Franco-Donat: Information System for Pharmaceutical Management using medicine-related problems classification. 263-264 [PDF]
  • Atbi Amina, Debbal Sidi Mouhamed, Meziani Fadia: Heart sounds and heart murmurs separation. 265-273 [PDF]
  • Najaf Allahyari Fard: In Silico Allergenicity Assessment of Novel Proteins Derived form GMHR Crops. 275 [PDF]
  • Pablo Pareja-Tobes, Marina Manrique, Eduardo Pareja-Tobes, Eduardo Pareja, Raquel Tobes: BG7: A new approach for bacterial genome annotation designed for Next Generation Sequencing data. 277 [PDF]
  • Marina Manrique, Pablo Pareja-Tobes, Eduardo Pareja-Tobes, Marta Brozynska, Eduardo Pareja, Raquel Tobes: Net7: a new tool for bacterial comparative genomics: massive tracing of vertical and horizontal gene flux between genome elements. 279 [PDF]
  • Pablo Pareja-Tobes, Eduardo Pareja-Tobes, Marina Manrique, Eduardo Pareja, Raquel Tobes: Bio4J: An Open source biological data integration platform. 281 [PDF]
  • Francisco Ortuno, Olga Valenzuela, Hector Pomares, Ignacio Rojas: Determining the most suitable multiple sequence alignment methodology by using a set of heterogeneous biological features. 283-288 [PDF]
  • Olga Valenzuela, Miguel Pasadas, Francisco Ortuno, Ignacio Rojas: Optimal Knots Allocation in Smoothing Splines using intelligent system. Application in bio-medical signal processing. . 289-295 [PDF]
  • Oresti Banos, Miguel Damas, Peter Gloessekoetter, Andreas Hermes, Hendrik Mende, Hector Pomares, Ignacio Rojas: PhysioDroid: an app for physiological data monitoring. 297-304 [PDF]
  • Maria Pia Saccomani: Structural vs Practical Identifiability in System Biology. 305-313 [PDF]
  • Natividad Guadalajara Olmeda, Elena De La Poza Plaza, Carla Sancho Mestre, Luis Marti Bonmati, David Vivas Consuelo, Francisco Reyes Santias, Marta Dos Anjos Martins-Ramos: Analyzing the adoption, diffusion and the technological stages of the medical imaging equipment: predicting the technological obsolescence in the Valencian Community. 315 [PDF]
  • Iman Sharafuddin, Mehrdad Mirzaei, Masoud Rahgozar, Ali Masoudi-Nejad: Protein-Protein Interaction Network Clustering Using Particle Swarm Optimization. 317-324 [PDF]
  • Guy Bogaarts, Erik Gommer, Jos Reulen, Werner Mess, Danny Hilkman, Vivianne van Kranen-Mastenbroek: Feature preprocessing improves Support Vector Machine accuracy for seizure detection in neonatal EEG. 325 [PDF]
  • Niloufar Rashidi, Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei: A bioinformatics assay on Catalase epitopes of Helicobacter pylori. 327-330 [PDF]

Data Processing and Pipelining in NGS

  • Chris Lawerenz, Sylwester Radomski, Jurgen Eils: Data processing on a large scale. 331 [PDF]
  • Barbera van Schaik, Mark Santcroos, Souley Madougou, Aldo Jongejan, Antoine van Kampen, Silvia Olabarriaga: e-Bioscience Solutions and Challenges for Next Generation Sequencing Experiments. 333-334 [PDF]
  • Ralf Sudbrak, Hans Lehrach: IT Future of Medicine (ITFoM). 335 [PDF]

Next Generation Sequencing (II)

  • Dario Guerrero-Fernandez, Rafael Larrosa, M. Gonzalo Claros: FQbin a compatible and optimized format for storing and managing sequence data. 337-344 [PDF]
  • Hicham Benzekri, Dario Guerrero, Rocio Bautista, M. Gonzalo Claros: Detecting and correcting mis-assembled reads in contigs. 345-351 [PDF]
  • Piotr Jaroszynski, Norbert Dojer: Efficient and Error-Tolerant Sequencing Read Mapping. 353-364 [PDF]

Regulation, miRNA and Motifs (I)

  • Karina Panucia Tillan, Mauro Leoncini, Manuela Montangero: CE^3 Customizable and Easily Extensible Ensemble Tool for Motif Discovery. 365-374 [PDF]
  • Fariborz Asghari Alashti, Zarrin Minuchehr: Homologous miRNAs involved in colorectal cancer affecting the immune system. 375 [PDF]
  • Alfredo Benso, Stefano Di Carlo, Gianfranco Michele Maria Politano, Alessandro Savino: A New miRNA Motif Protects Pathways Expression in Gene Regulatory Networks. 377-384 [PDF]
  • Jiewei Li: Robust stability of uncertain genetic regulatory networks with multivariable regulation functions. 385-392 [PDF]

Regulation, miRNA and Motifs (II)

  • Mohammad Najafi, Abazar Roustazadeh: Scoring of Matrix Gla protein (MGP) promoter variants within predicted transcription elements. 393-395 [PDF]
  • Alfredo Benso, Stefano Di Carlo, Hafeez Ur Rehman, Gianfranco Politano, Alessandro Savino, Giovanni Squillero, Alessandro Vasciaveo, Stefano Benedettini: Accounting for Post-Transcriptional Regulation in Boolean Networks Based Regulatory Models. 397-404 [PDF]
  • Senol Dogan, Hakan Sahin: Comparison of Methylation Density In Different Cancer Types By HumanMethylation450 Methods. [PDF] 405-412
  • Mariama El Baroudi, Dario La Sala, Caterina Cinti, Enrico Capobianco: DAC-driven Integrative Network Regulation and Pathway Coordination in Breast Cancer. 413-425 [PDF]

Machine Learning for Bioinformatics in the Pre/Post NGS Era

  • Andres Masegosa Arredondo, Maria Del Mar Abad Grau, Serafin Moral Callejon, Fuencisla Matesanz: Learning classifiers from discretized expression quantitative trait loci. 427-436 [PDF]
  • Javier Perez-Rodriguez, Alexis German Arroyo Pena, Javier Martinez Luna: A multiobjective approach for gene structure prediction. 437-447 [PDF]
  • Emmanuel Sapin, Ed Keedwell, Tim Frayling: Ant Colony Optimisation for Exploring Logical Gene-Gene Associations in Genome Wide Association Studies. 449-456 [PDF]

Biomedical Devices and Technologies

  • Albert Guvenis: Statistical Design of Biomedical Devices and Systems. 457-464 [PDF]
  • Jesus Jimenez, Jaime Cruz, Juan Ruiz De Miras: High performance 3D visualization on the Web: a biomedical case study. 465-471 [PDF]

Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Signal/Imaging

  • Juan Jose Fuertes, Fernando Lopez-Mir: Incorporation of a variational registration method into a spectroscopy tool. 473-482 [PDF]
  • Fernando Lopez-Mir, Pablo Gonzalez, Valery Naranjo, Eugenia Pareja, Mariano Alcaniz, Jaime Solaz: Liver Segmentation on CT Images. A Fast Computational Method Based on 3D Morphology and a Statistical Filter. [PDF] 483-490
  • Encarnacion Castillo, Diego Pedro Morales, Antonio Garcia, Luis Parrilla, Nuria Lopez-Ruiz, Alberto J. Palma: One-step wavelet-based processing for wandering and noise removing in ECG signals. 491-498 [PDF]

Advanced Methodologies for Tumor Analysis

  • Ricardo Gonzalez-Otal, Jose Luis Lopez-Guerra, Carlos Luis Parra-Calderon, Alicia Martinez-Garcia, Alberto Moreno-Conde, Maria Jose Ortiz-Gordillo: Application of Artificial Intelligence in Tumors Sizing Classification for Breast Cancer. 499-500 [PDF]
  • Pantea Peidaee, Ravi Shukla, Elena Pirogova: Influence of Far Infrared Radiation on cytotoxicity of Human Breast Cancer (MCF7) cells: experimental evaluation. 501-507 [PDF]
  • Dong Tong, Graham Ball: Pattern recognition of multidimensional PBMC flow cytometry histograms for prostate cancer identification. 509-516 [PDF]
  • Shinuk Kim, Taesung Park, Mark Kon: Computational methods for cancer survival classification using intermediate information. 517-525 [PDF]

Biology Systems and Biology Processes Modelling

  • Maik Kschischo, Matthias Kahm: Data driven inferrence of unmodelled dynamical processes in systems biology models. 527-528 [PDF]
  • Hao Wu, Stefan Bernhard: Double-Chain Unscented Expectation Propagation for Inference in Stochastic Dynamical Models of Biological Processes. 529-535 [PDF]
  • Davide Chiarugi, Moreno Falaschi, Diana Hermith, Roberto Marangoni, Carlos Olarte: Stochastic modelling of non Markovian Dynamics in Biochemical Reactions. 537-544 [PDF]

Disease Processes Modelling

  • Jalel Akaichi: Mobile Data Modeling for Unkown Disease Understanding: Bell’s Palsy Case Study. 545 [PDF]
  • Gregorio Rubio, Belen Garcia Mora, Cristina Santamaria, Jose Luis Pontones: A flowgraph model for bladder carcinoma. 547-553 [PDF]
  • Bram Vrancken, Andrew Rambaut, Guy Baele, Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Kristel Van Laethem, Eric Van Wijngaerden, Alexei Drummond, Marc Suchard, Philippe Lemey: Reconstruction of an HIV Transmission History in a Bayesian Coalescent Framework. 555-556 [PDF]

eHealth (I)

  • Ruth Uso Talamantes, Juan Bru Sanchis, Laia Buigues Pastor, Inmaculada Sauri Ferrer, David Vivas Consuelo, Carla Sancho Mestre: Information System for Pharmaceutical Management using Clinical Risk Groups . 557-558 [PDF]
  • Alcides Alvear, Elizabeth Quintero: Aeroallergens Database Design. 559-569 [PDF]
  • Cesar Suarez-Ortega, Jose Miguel Franco-Valiente, Manuel Rubio-Del-Solar, Guillermo Diaz-Herrero, Miguel Angel Guevara-Lopez, Naimy Gonzalez-Posada, Daniel Moura, Pedro Cunha, Isabel Ramos, Joana Loureiro, Bruno Ferreira-De-Araujo: Improving the breast cancer diagnosis using digital repositories. 571-578 [PDF]

eHealth (II)

  • Joerg Schroettner, Alexander Lassnig: Influence of NYHA Classification of Heart Failure Patients for Assessing Telemedical Applications and Services by Using a Discrete Event Model. 579-581 [PDF]
  • Jose Miguel Cacho, Natalia Jimenez: Towards the sustainability of the Health Care System: Telediagnosis as a success case. . 583-584 [PDF]
  • Christian Esposito, Mario Ciampi: A Hierarchical Event-based Architecture for the Notification of Medical Document Availability. 585-592 [PDF]

Biomedical Engineering (I)

  • Angel Suero, Diego Marin, Manuel Emilio Gegundez-Arias, Jose Manuel Bravo: Locating the Optic Disc in Retinal Images Using Morphological Techniques. 593-600 [PDF]
  • Duygun Erol Barkana, Mehmed Ozkan, Fethi Calisir, Dilek Goksel Duru, Deniz Duru: Development of a Surgical Interface for Cryoablation of Kidney Tumors. 601-611 [PDF]
  • M Chizari: Mechanical Aspects of an Interference Screw Placement in ACL Reconstruction. 613-620 [PDF]
  • Kohji Masuda, Nobuhiko Shigehara, Ren Koda, Takashi Mochizuki: Probability of path block by using microbubbles aggregation in artificial capillary. 621-627 [PDF]

Biomedical Engineering (II)

  • Victor Martinez, Carmen Navarro, Carlos Cano, Armando Blanco: Network-based drug-disease relation prioritization using ProphNet. 629-636 [PDF]
  • Torben Larsen: Neuroeconomics and General Neural Biomarkers. 637-645 [PDF]
  • Joanna Polanska, Franciszek Binczyk, Anna Hebda, Barbara Bobek-Billewicz: Gaussian mixture model based analysis of apparent diffusion coefficient maps for differentiation between malignant and benign brain tumours – preliminary results.. 647-648 [PDF]
  • Leonardo Macrini, Leonardo Goncalves: Application of Renyi Entropy and Mutual Informa-tion of Cauchy-Schwartz in Selecting Variables. 649-656 [PDF]

Biomedical Sensors and Activity Recognition

  • Fernando Martinez Marti, Santiago Gonzalo Garcia Diaz, Javier Garcia Jimenez, Maria Sofia Martinez Garcia, Antonio Martinez Olmos, Miguel Angel Carvajal Rodriguez: Instrumented Insoles with Pressure and Acceleration Sensors. 657-665 [PDF]
  • Daniel Sanz-Merodio, Manuel Cestari, Juan Carlos Arevalo, Elena Garcia: Gait parameter adaptation for lower-limb exoskeletons. 667-675 [PDF]
  • Sofia Martinez-Garcia, Miguel Angel Carvajal, Fernando Simancas, Jesus Banqueri, Antonio M. Lallena, Alberto J. Palma: Techniques to increase the sensitivity for dosimetry sensors. 677-683 [PDF]
  • Elies Fuster-Garcia, Javier Juan-Albarracin, Adrian Breso, Juan M. Garcia-Gomez: Monitoring changes in daily actigraphy patterns of free-living patients. 685-693 [PDF]

Data Mining , Sematic and Ontologies (I)

  • Alejandro Rodriguez Iglesias, Mikel Egana Aranguren, Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez, Mark D. Wilkinson: Plant Pathogen Interactions Ontology (PPIO). 695-702 [PDF]
  • Andre Vechina, Joel P. Arrais, Jose Luis Oliveira: Representation of Semantic Networks of Biomedical Terms. 703-710 [PDF]

Data Mining , Sematic and Ontologies (II)

  • Antonio Hermoso Pulido, Anna Vlasova, Walter Sanseverino, Raffaella Dalessandro, Giuseppe Andolfo, Luigi Frusciante, Guglielmo Roma, Mara Ercolano, Ernesto Lowy: The Plant Resistance Gene Database (PRGdb): a Wiki-based system for the annotation of R-genes. 711-712 [PDF]
  • Manuel Quesada-Martinez, Jesualdo Tomas Fernandez-Breis, Robert Stevens: Analysis and Classification of Bio-ontologies by the Structure of their Labels. 713-720 [PDF]
  • Sidahmed Benabderrahmane: Enhancing Transcriptomic Data Mining with Semantic Ranking: Towards a new Functional Spectral Representation.. 721-730 [PDF]

Computational Proteomics (I)

  • Gines D. Guerrero, Jose M. Cecilia, Jose M. Garcia, Horacio Perez-Sanchez: Impact of implicit solvation models on database enrichment in GPU based blind Virtual Screening. 731-734 [PDF]
  • Qian Zhang, Jose M. Garcia, Junmei Wang, Tingjun Hou, Horacio Perez-Sanchez: A GPU based Conformational Entropy Calculation Method. 735-743 [PDF]
  • Rafael Alves, Andrea Cassioli, Antonio Mucherino, Carlile Lavor, Leo Liberti: The integration of Clifford Algebra in the iBP algorithm for the DMDGP. 745-746 [PDF]
  • Marcin Pacholczyk, Damian Borys, Marek Kimmel: Finite absorbing Markov chain as a model of small-ligand binding process. 747-751 [PDF]

Computational Proteomics (II)

  • Giuseppe Profiti, Damiano Piovesan, Pier Luigi Martelli, Piero Fariselli, Rita Casadio: Protein Sequence Annotation by means of Community Detection. 753-755 [PDF]
  • Pablo Porras Millan, Paola Roncaglia, Emily Dimmer, Jane Lomax, Rachael Huntley, Sandra Orchard, Marine Dumousseau, Samuel Kerrien, Henning Hermjakob: The Apoptosis Gene Ontology project and the IntAct-Apoptosis dataset: updating the conceptual representation of apoptosis. 757-758 [PDF]
  • Raul Cruz-Barbosa, Alfredo Vellido, Jesus Giraldo: Advances in Semi-Supervised Alignment-Free Classication of G Protein-Coupled Receptors. 759-766 [PDF]