Special Sessions

  • Special Sessions will be a very useful tool in order to complement the regular program with new and emerging topics of particular interest for the participating community. Special Sessions that emphasize on multi-disciplinary and transversal aspects, as well as cutting-edge topics are especially encouraged and welcome.

  • SS1 Data Processing and Pipelines for Next Generation Sequencing

    This special session focuses on the area of large-scale data processing for next-generation sequencing. It will cover the whole pipeline from the sequencer (as the first data producer), via data distribution, storage and management to data analysis using high-performance computing.

    Dr. Juergen Eils
    , Integrative Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Group at the German Cancer Research Center (dkfz), Heidelberg, Germany.

    SS2 Machine Learning for Bioinformatics in the Pre/Post NGS Era

    Machine learning (neural networks, support vector machines, bayesian methods and nature-inspired algorithms, e.g. genetic algorithms, ant colony optimisation) has been used successfully as a tool for purpose of dimensionality reduction, signature extractions, predictive model building and survival outcome analysis in pre NGS era on diverse data sets in isolation.
    The game of data analytics and knowledge mining has become more complex and multiscale with advent of massively parallel second generation Next Generation Sequencing technologies coupled with opportunities like GPU computing Cloud computing and massive parallelization.
    This special session focuses on how machine learning has evolved and re-engineer itself for challenges posed by Next Generation Sequencing Technologies, namely integrative analysis across multiple scale measurements and technology diversity of NGS technologies. As the companion datasets we will use the data generated by second phase of 1000 genome project, second phase of ENCODE project, CANCER genome atlas and Integrative Personal omics profiling datasets of Dr Michael Sydner published in Cell. With these datasets in mind the special session will explore state of art in machine learning for unique challenges posed by these data sets and also envisage beyond the state of art to realize the dreams of genome information from benchtops to clinical diagnosis & prognosis.

    Dr. Abhay Krishan
    , Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine (CABIMER), Seville (Spain).
    Dr. Ed Keedwell, University of Exeter (United Kingdom).

  • Authors interested in a special session should submit their manuscripts with the same format as the general program submissions. They should indicate the selected special session in our submission system. Special Sessions will only be composed of the papers proposed directly through the organizer, and those proposed by the authors for this specific sessions.