Conference Topics

Analysis of protein-protein interactions

Protein structure modelling.

Analysis of protein functionality.

Quantitative proteomics and PTMs.

Clinical proteomics.

Protein annotation.

Data mining in proteomics.

De novo sequencing, re-sequencing and assembly.

Expression estimation.

Alternative splicing discovery.

Pathway Analysis.

Chip-seq and RNA-Seq analysis.


SNPs prediction.

Parallelization for biomedical analysis.

Biomedical and biological databases.

Data mining and biological text processing.

Large scale biomedical data integration.

Biological and medical ontologies.

Novel architecture and technologies (GPU, P2P, Grid,...) for Bioinformatics.

Biomedical Computing.

Personalized medicine.


Medical education.

Collaborative medicine.

Biomedical signal analysis.

Biomedicine in industry and society.

Electrotherapy and radiotherapy.

Computer-assisted surgery.

Therapeutic engineering.

Interactive 3D modelling.

Clinical engineering.


Biosensors and data acquisition.

Intelligent instrumentation.

Patient Monitoring.

Biomedical robotics.


Genetic engineering.

Inference of biological networks.

Machine learning in Bioinformatics.

Classification for biomedical data.

Microarray Data Analysis.

Simulation and visualization of biological systems.

Molecular evolution and phylogenetic modelling.

Computational support for clinical decisions.

Image visualization and signal analysis.

Disease control and diagnosis.

Genome-phenome analysis.

Biomarker identification.

Drug design.

Computational immunology.

E-Health technology and devices.

E-Health information processing.

Telemedicine/E-Health application and services.

Medical Image Processing.

Video techniques for medical images.

Integration of classical medicine and E-Health.