• Generalife Palace
  • Alhambra View
  • Alhambra's Night
  • Granada's Panoramic (I)
  • Granada's Panoramic (II)
  • Granada's Cathedral
  • Moorish Windows
  • Court of the Lions
  • Costa Tropical of Granada
Generalife Palace1 Alhambra View2 Alhambra's Night3 Granada's Panoramic (I)4 Granada's Panoramic (II)5 Granada's Cathedral6 Moorish Windows7 Court of the Lions8 Costa Tropical of Granada9
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Virtual Presentations

    • Payam Behzadi and Elham Behzadi: Uropathogenic Escherichia coli: An ideal resource for DNA microarray probe designing

    • Hualiang Zhong, Hoda Sharifi, Haisen Li, Weihua Mao and Indrin J. Chetty : Prognostic Modeling and Analysis of Tumor Response to Fractionated Radiotherapy for Patients with Squamous Cell Lung Cancer

    • Nieves Crasto and Richa Upadhyay: Wavelet Decomposition Based Automatic Sleep Stage Classification Using EEG

    • Ahed Elmsallati, Swarup Roy and Jugal Kalita: Exploring Symmetric Substructures in Protein Interaction Networks for Pairwise Alignment

    • Silvia Rocchiccioli, Antonis Sakellarios, Daniele Panetta, Claudia Fiorentini, Themis Exarchos, Matteo Azzarone, Michele Marconi, Mauro Ferrari, Dimitris Fotiadis, Oberdan Parodi and Gualtiero Pelosi: A feasibility study of integrated clinical risk assessment in carotid artery disease based on a multilevel pipeline associating molecular and hemodynamic factors with plaque pathology
    Please, find attached the .pdf file of this contribution..

    • Abhinandan Khan, Goutam Saha and Rajat Pal: Quantum Computing Based Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks

    • Salma Gomaa, Nahla Belal and Yasser El-Sonbaty: H-RACER: Hybrid RACER to Correct Substitution, Insertion, and Deletion Errors

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