1.- Oral Presentation (face-to-face)

These sessions for oral presentations are scheduled with a number of papers that will permit to dedicate around 12-15 minutes to the oral presentation of your work and 3 minutes for questions. Please, you will be kindly required to accept the indications of the session chairman c oncerning time limitations. Usually, some time for 2 or 3 questions will be allowed at the end of each presentation. Location: Hotel Lopesan Villa Del Conde, Gran Canaria

2.- Poster Presentation (face-to-face)

Posters must be displayed during the specific poster session of the conference on the assigned panels (your poster will be allocated on a specific panel). It will also be a specific session for poster presentations indicated in the scientific program. Posters can occupy a maximum surface of A0 format: 119 cm (height) x 84 cm (width). It is recommended to use large fonts and drawings to make the poster readable at a distance of about 80 cm. It is also advisable to display the posters during the whole duration of the conference session on the assigned panels.

3.- Oral Presentation (Via Zoom)

Will be around 12-15 minutes, in the specific session (regarding the topic of the contribution), using Zoom. We would be grateful if the authors who select this format also send us the video of their presentation to iwbbio@ugr.es (the same as it was virtual presentation) 10 days before the congress is held. In this way, if there is any connection error during the day of the presentation of the congress, said video can be presented.

4.- Poster Presentation (Via Zoom)

For those authors who want to present in a simplified way, in a poster format, but via Zoom, we offer this option, in which they can present their work for 5 minutes in a specific session for poster by Zoom.

5.- Virtual Presentation

Virtual presentation will consist of a recorded video or recording slides with voice-over where authors could present their accepted contribution (around 10-20 minutes, in .mp4 format). These videos or slides will be available for attendees in our conference website.

VERY IMPORTANT: Authors of virtual presentation should send/submit the presentation with deadline 10 day before the begining of the Conference.

Following, some information about virtual presentations is clarified:

Acceptance of submission for virtual presentations is based on the same criteria as attending participants.

Authors who would like to make virtual presentations will also be awarded with a certificate and their papers will be considered for publications similar to other participants as if they were present physically.

Virtual presentations will be accompanied by a discounted registration fee (See Registration Fees).

Once contribution is accepted, you must send an email to IWBBIO@ugr.es indicating you are interested in virtual presentation.