Call for special sessions proposals

Special Sessions will be a very useful tool in order to complement the regular program with new and emerging topics of particular interest for the participating community. Special Sessions that emphasize on multi-disciplinary and transversal aspects, as well as cutting-edge topics are especially encouraged and welcome.

Prospective organizers of special sessions should submit proposals indicating:

1.- Title of the proposed session.

2.- Motivation and objectives for the session.

3.- Short biography of the organizer: complete address and additional data for contact.

Proposals should be sent by e-mail, without specific format to the email of the conference with the subject "Special Session Proposal".

Additional information for special session organizers

Special session organizer must take into account the following points for the organization/submission of papers to this special session:

1.- The aim of Special Sessions is to cover specific fields within the scope of IWBBIO 2024, and they would be composed typically of at least 5 papers, plus an additional tutorial or introductory paper to the Special session topic, done by the organizer(s). This tutorial is optional, and must be written according to the regular instructions for authors. The tutorial will not be submitted to the IWBBIO review process.

2.- The procedure for the submission of the final papers is the same for all contributions, and it will be made through the IWBBIO 2024 web section. The authors are asked to indicate the Special Session title to which their paper is submitted.

3.- The organizers are invited to submit, besides the optional tutorial, no more than one regular paper to their own Special Session. This paper will be included in the review process

4.- The review process for papers submitted to a specific Special Session will be the following: (i) At least two reviewers will be assigned (like any regular paper submitted to IWBBIO conference) (ii) One reviewer could be the Special Session organizer or an invited reviewer suggested by him/her. (iii) A second one will be assigned among the IWBBIO 2024 Program Committee.

5.- The review process for each Special Session will be organized by the IWBBIO board, together with the organizer(s) of the Special Session. They will take into consideration all the papers submitted to the specific Session, according to the established procedure.

6.- A minimum number of 3 accepted regular papers (tutorial done by the organizer(s) is not considered) will be necessary for the development of a Special Session.

7.- Contributors to Special Sessions will be treated as every participant in IWBBIO 2024, what means that they are expected to pay the corresponding regular fee.

8.- Organizer of Special Sessions will benefit of a reduction of more than 50% on the regular fee.